Healthy Juice Drinks

Healthy Juice Drinks Aren’t As Hard As You Think

When it comes to healthy eating and a health diet things can get difficult. There are a number of foods out there that are supposed to be healthy, but due to current food business practices simply aren’t that healthy. Juice, for example, is supposed to be incredibly good for you. Why wouldn’t it be? Juice is nothing more than slightly sweetened fruit liquid, right?

Unfortunately, the real truth is that most juice isn’t healthy at all. First and foremost, most commercial juices are completely loaded down with sugar. So much sugar, in fact, that they’re not much healthier than simply drinking a soda. Of course, they have to be loaded down with sugar to be drinkable at all. This is because they don’t use fresh squeezed fruit to make the juice, even if the box claims that they do. Instead, they set up machines that catch the small bits of fruit that shake loose from other fruit uses. After the other production processes, they take the fruit bits, smash them into a fine past, and leave them in a vat until they liquefy. The result would taste completely gross if not for the sugar.

Given all of that, you might start to think that the idea of healthy juice drinks is a complete pipe dream. How can you possibly get healthy juice if commercial juice is made that way? Even the organic juices aren’t made much better, and still tend to have a lot of sugar. Luckily, it’s not all bad. If you have access to a blender, then it’s pretty simple for you to be able to make healthy juices that you don’t have to load down with sugar in order to have taste good. You won’t have to load them down with sugar because they’ll actually be made out of fresh fruit!

In order to make healthy juice drinks of your own, it’s as simple as putting fruit in a blender, and blending it until it’s a fine paste. Make sure it’s as fine as possible. Once you have that, simply fill the rest with water, and you have your juice! It may seem as though this is far too simple to be realistic juice, but in truth, that’s all that commercial juice is. It’s just that they add sugar and use incredibly old fruit paste. So you’re not doing anything the commercial juice makers don’t do, you’re just using fresh fruit and less sugar.

This doesn’t help much if you don’t like pulp, but the real truth is that the pulp is good for you. Most of the nutritional value of a piece of fruit is wrapped up in its physical form, and the juice is just a bit of sweet extra. So by drinking the pulp, you’re being even more healthy than you would otherwise. Healthy juice is simple. You can make it at home, and that can help you be healthy. Healthier juice means healthier eating, which means it’s a lot easier for you to lose that weight you’re trying to lose.