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Ways An Orange County Cosmetic Dentist Can Make You Smile

There are many cosmetic dental procedures that can improve your smile. With so many choices, it is best to make an appointment with an Orange County cosmetic dentist for a dental exam and consultation. While these dentists do provide regular dental services, like cleanings, they are also specialists in cosmetic dentistry. After your appointment, you will come away with plenty of information on the procedures best for giving you a confident and beautiful smile. When considering cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, keep the following in mind. Make sure to visit Dentist Orange dentistorange.com.au for the best dental clinic in Orange.

Tooth whitening and bleaching is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that can dramatically change your smile by whitening your teeth several shades. With bleaching and whitening, discolorations and stains from food, caffeinated drinks, tobacco, and age are eliminated, giving the patient a youthful bright white smile. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is convenient. There are several options for tooth bleaching and whitening, including using home kits or having a treatment in an office. It is best to consult an Orange County cosmetic dentist for professional tooth whitening and bleaching so that you get the spectacular long-lasting results you desire.

Applying Veneers
One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures is applying veneers. Orange County dentists can fix numerous dental problems with veneers, such as fixing the gaps between teeth, repairing worn and chipped teeth, and using them to cover up troublesome tooth stains. Veneers are custom-made porcelain or resin tooth covers that are glued to the front of the tooth. They are made to match the color of the existing teeth, but the dentist can change the color or even the shape as needed. According to Orange County cosmetic dentists, many patients choose veneers because they are durable and last a long time.

Applying Bonding
An Orange County dentist can improve the shape and color of your teeth by applying bonding. Veneers are different from bonding in that veneers are pre-made tooth covers glued to the tooth, while bonding is applied directly to the tooth, then molded and shaped as needed. Bonding is used to fix chips or cracked teeth. It is a fast and simple procedure, but is not as hardwearing as veneers.

Replacing Silver Fillings
In past years, dentists used a silver metal material to fill cavities. The new white composite materials available to patients make these old silver fillings look ugly and ancient. Orange County cosmetic dentists can remove the old-fashioned silver fillings and replace them with white composite material. This hides your fillings, so no one will even know you ever had a cavity, and it gives you an all-white smile.

Tooth Aligners
Tooth aligners used to be considered a specialty of orthodontics, instead of cosmetic dentistry. Today, Orange County cosmetic dentists are using tooth aligners frequently to help create beautiful patient smiles. Tooth aligners, which are removable and not similar to traditional braces, work to straighten misaligned, crooked, and crowded teeth. The patient wears clear removable tooth aligner mouthpieces, only taking them out when brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking. After a number of weeks, patients receive another set of tooth aligners. Each set slowly works to move teeth to the ideal position. An Orange County dentist office can straighten your teeth and improve your smile using tooth aligners within nine to fifteen months, without the expense of visiting an orthodontist.